5 great reasons to start networking

Patrick Dicks
Content Marketing Executive - International | Business West
2nd October 2015

For small and medium sized businesses, networking can be crucial in becoming successful. Networking isn’t about making a quick sale it is all about building long term relationships with other businesses that allow you to offer your services and experience to one another.

Networking is great if you are a small business or a business that is planning on growing as you can learn from the experiences of those you connect with. This blog post gives you five benefits of networking which can be seen as vital to growing your business.

1. Opening of opportunities

Networking can really open up a whole new world of opportunity. Joint ventures, client leads and partnerships are all brilliant ways for you and your staff to gain new experiences and skills. Ultimately these opportunities will all go a long way to expanding your client base.  Though networking can be extremely beneficial, it’s also worth mentioning that you should be wary of  being approached from some businesses. Making the wrong connections and jumping into business with everybody that offers you an opportunity isn’t the right way to go, so don’t make rash decisions and always ensure you consider your options and research those who offer you a networking opportunity.

2. Sourcing the right connections

Sourcing the right business connections is a brilliant way of solving many business problems. The phrase “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know” couldn’t be truer in business. Other businesses may be able to help you out in unfamiliar and difficult situations that you find yourself in. Having somebody to call upon in these different situations is extremely beneficial. Ensuring you return the favour is also vital in maintaining those relationships.

3. A word of advice

You are always told to take advice from the right people in life. Gaining advice from like minded business owners who have had similar experiences can be very helpful indeed. If a business is slightly further down a particular path, which your business is planning on following they may be able to offer you advice that might save you time, money or other resources. This can be vital for all small and medium sized business looking to grow.

4. Gaining from referrals / increased business

Receiving a recommendation can go an extremely long when making a decision about almost everything. Of course, that is if the recommendation is coming from a reliable source. Gaining from referrals can increase your business dramatically. If you are referred or recommended to another business from a business that you have networked with you will then have the opportunity to make this referral a client. Making a referral a client means permanently expanding your customer base, meaning you will be growing your business significantly.

5. Stimulating Creativity

If your business is running out of ideas or having a dry patch in terms of creativity, meeting new businesses and taking ideas and new approaches from them can be the answer to your problems. Networking can bring new ideas and experiences to your business. By talking to other like minded businesses you will discover the different ways they do business. Bringing new and different creative approaches to your business will bring fresh ideas which will always have a positive impact on the growth of your business.


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