7 tips to make the most of a business exhibition

Jamie Breese
Managing Director | Business Showcase South West
14th April 2015

The exhibition season is underway, and we’ve sourced a mix of useful tips for our delegates attending the big business shows in the South West. Here is a summary of Business Showcase MD Jamie Breese's top seven tips for delegates on how to work a business exhibition effectively and be a star delegate.

1. Don't try to sell to Exhibitors

Don't be the 'roaming salesman', it's the most frequent complaint made by exhibitors with good reason...they can miss out on the opportunity to connect with a potential customer and you'll be wasting their time!

2. Overcome ‘approach anxiety’

If there’s one tip which will help to boost your status, networking success, reputation and ultimately win more business, it is this. Overcome your fear of speaking in public. Whether you're giving a presentation, speaking to fellow delegates or addressing an AGM – you should have this sorted.

3. Arm yourself with Business Cards

Clean, crisp and presented with confidence. Add others' cards using sticky tape to a notebook and write notes beside each entry. A post-event life-saver unless you have a photographic memory and vital for your follow up communications later on.

4. Register Early

The early bird and all that...many events like speed networking or seminars sell out early on.

5. Be Polite

It's simple, be gracious. Exhibitors get a good view of companies who are represented well by their employees and representatives.

6. Tweet and Post

Some savvy delegates not only present themselves well, but also tweet and post coverage and photos during an event. They're sharing valuable content from speakers, funny encounters and other content which can boost their own profile as networkers, ambassadors and helpful people in the thick of the action.

7. Follow up the next day

Write a thank you or follow-up message, even if brief, to those contacts you made at the previous day’s event. Add new contacts to LinkedIn. Equally, don't  spoil a good first impression by not at least responding courteously back to anyone who has promptly followed-up with you. Your paths will cross again...be a five-stardelegate.

To read Jamie's blog in full, where he covers his thoughts in more detail on each point, read here.

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